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man-pages-3.33 is released

From:  Michael Kerrisk <>
To:  lkml <>
Subject:  man-pages-3.33 is released
Date:  Tue, 20 Sep 2011 12:49:18 +0200
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article


I've released man-pages-3.33.tar.gz - man pages for Linux

Because of the problems, the release artifacts are in
different locations than usual (and some of these changes may become

This release tarball is available for download at:

The online changelog is available at (blogged at
) and the current version of the pages is browsable at

A git repository for man-pages can be found on github. You can clone
the repository with the command:

    git clone

A few changes in this release that may be of interest to readers of this
list are listed below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-3.33 ====================

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

    Michael Kerrisk
        Added new syncfs() system call
            syncfs() was added in Linux 2.6.39.

Changes to individual pages

    Michael Kerrisk
        Note that CLONE_STOPPED was removed in 2.6.38

    Akira Fujita
        Since 2.6.33, 'out_fd' can refer to any file type
            Linux kernel commit cc56f7de7f00d188c7c4da1e9861581853b9e92f
            meant sendfile(2) can work with any output file.

    Michael Kerrisk  [Serge E. Hallyn]
        Update for kernel 2.6.37 changes
            Document /proc/sys/kernel/dmesg_restrict.
            Document CAP_SYSLOG.

    Michael Kerrisk  [Serge E. Hallyn]
        Document CAP_SYSLOG and related changes in Linux 2.6.37
    Michael Kerrisk
        File capabilities are no longer optional
            Starting with Linux 2.6.33, the CONFIG_SECURITY_FILE_CAPABILITIES
            has been removed, and file capabilities are always part of the

Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
Author of "The Linux Programming Interface";
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