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The state of Gentoo

The state of Gentoo

Posted Sep 16, 2011 21:06 UTC (Fri) by sciurus (subscriber, #58832)
Parent article: The state of Gentoo

I used to frequently end up on Gentoo's wiki when researching a relatively advanced or obscure linux-related topic. Lately I'm more likely to find Arch Linux's wiki at the top of my results. I wonder if Google is reflecting a rise in Arch's popularity at the expense of Gentoo.

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The state of Gentoo

Posted Sep 17, 2011 11:47 UTC (Sat) by Velmont (guest, #46433) [Link]

I have the same view. I often use Arch Linux documentation, alhough I haven't used Arch for a long time (Ubuntu ate me ;-) ).

Before Arch I used Gentoo.

The state of Gentoo

Posted Sep 17, 2011 14:21 UTC (Sat) by dberkholz (guest, #23346) [Link]

Here's your answer, at least in terms of what I'll call trendiness (search volume). I would say that Gentoo probably lost a ton of users to Ubuntu from the timing (peaked in 2004). But if we look at something like website stats, the data suggest 15,000–20,000 unique visitors per day (with an unusual drop in the past year). Since most users don't visit the website every day, I would expect the userbase to be much higher than that.

From the developer perspective, Gentoo's got around 175 "core" contributors (committers every month) while Arch only has about 30 (according to that article in The H).

The state of Gentoo

Posted Sep 19, 2011 11:49 UTC (Mon) by admorgan (subscriber, #26575) [Link]

I feel that Gentoo's documentation decline started when they lost their entire wiki and could not reproduce it. It took years before most of the articles were put back in their original form. This prevented new information from being created and a stagnation that I do not feel has ever been corrected.

The state of Gentoo

Posted Sep 24, 2011 22:53 UTC (Sat) by robbat2 (guest, #40105) [Link]

The wiki is not part of Gentoo itself. It's run a third-party, who have to date not accepted our offer of resources to run it.

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