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drobbins is around on

drobbins is around on

Posted Sep 16, 2011 15:48 UTC (Fri) by alex (subscriber, #1355)
In reply to: How to improve the pace of Gentoo and attract more contributers by marduk
Parent article: The state of Gentoo

Mr Robbins is involved with the Funtoo project which is a "fork" of the Gentoo ebuild tree. I hesitate to call it a fork because I'm not sure is applicable in a source based repo. Besides a lot of Gentoo installations are heavily "forked" with the use of overlays which allow customisation much like Ubuntu's PPAs only much much better.

I do occasionally submit stuff via the bugzilla but I have to admit my interest in additional development tailed off while waiting for the GIT conversion which as noted has been due RSN for some time. There is a difference between diff'ing a unified CVS tree and manually tracking each change you've made and the ability to branch a git repo and keep a stack of changes that get magically resolved when they are merged upstream. I suspect having more modern tools will help with lowering the bar to contribution and encouraging more developers to get involved, even if only peripherally at first.

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