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On multi-platform drivers

On multi-platform drivers

Posted Sep 12, 2011 4:26 UTC (Mon) by niklam (guest, #64765)
Parent article: On multi-platform drivers

This issue has some similarities with the firefox on linux distro issue (bundling their own versions of libraries etc), although there Mozilla's motivations align much better with the interests of its product's customers (e.g. faster response to security issues, in general). Here, the benefit to the customer is less clear (although utoddl's comment above does provide one possible example of the potential for earlier "Just Works out of the box" availability).

This tension can be eliminated entirely if hardware vendors support driver development by publishing thorough and open developer-oriented documentation for their products. That way they can leave it to the operating system communities to handle driver development. This would serve their customers best.

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On multi-platform drivers

Posted Sep 16, 2011 8:31 UTC (Fri) by hpro (subscriber, #74751) [Link]

My guess, however, is that a lot of the time the driver development is done in parallel with documentation. I.e., Broadcom knows 'kinda' how the driver should interact with the hardware, but the actual details are ironed out when the driver is built.

This means that the documentation will, at best, be done at the same time as a driver would be.

(This is not an opinion on how the Broadcom issue should be handled, but rather a speculation based on observations in the wild)

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