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A scene from your editor's office


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A scene from your editor's office

Posted Sep 6, 2011 14:07 UTC (Tue) by przemoc (subscriber, #67594) [Link]

Nice bookshelves (remembering that quality of them is defined not by how they look, but what is put on them). I find Lack of TLPI disturbing, but it possibly just did not fit in the shot. Mixing kernel and CSS stuff is a bit amusing. I also understand why Cooperstein's "Writing Linux Device Drivers" is on the lower shelf, but while its typesetting was done in (La)TeX, so it doesn't look completely out of place there, it's definitely not an exemplary book, with terrible figures being bitmap images in low quality (or upscaled too much, the end result is the same). Having non-vector images of anything other than screenshots in technical books is somewhat depressing.

[ I noticed that categorization is rather loose here, but couldn't resist to write some comment. Actually I'm not sure I've seen comments to images on LWN yet. It's possibly very rarely done here. Sorry for breaking the routine. :) ]

A scene from your editor's office

Posted Oct 18, 2011 16:11 UTC (Tue) by jcm (subscriber, #18262) [Link]

Ah, a TeX user I see. As it should be.

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