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Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Aug 17)

From:  Cameron Laird <>
To:  "Tcl-URL distribution" :;
Subject:  Tcl-URL! - weekly Tcl news and links (Aug 17)
Date:  Wed, 17 Aug 2011 13:23:01 +0000
Message-ID:  <>
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QOTW:  "[I] invoke the leaden albatross of mixed metaphor." - Donal K. Fellows

    How should a Tcl application integrate a Web server?

    YES, Tcom is worthwhile:

    Variable scoping?  Exception-handling?  Read how Tclers think about
    typical debugging situations:

Thanks to Arjen Markus for his mostly-weekly Wiki reports:
  The world being the astounding place it is today, we are lucky
  to have the Wiki ... Some old pages turning up, some new pages
  being added - the Wiki remains a welcome resource.
  - Digging into the history of Tcl? This page will be helpful
    in providing an overview from the very start -
  - Let the computer speak up! Not as difficult as it might seem
    at first - <>
  - If Mohammed does not come to the mountain, maybe the other way
    around is a solution: <> documents
    how JavaScript can be used to implement [incr Tcl]
  - Comparing the performance of data structures such as dicts versus
    arrays requires careful thought and above all: a good
    understanding of what is going on. <>.
  - Existing commands can be persuaded to do things in an unexpectedly
    elegant way. Check the end of this page on a feature that Perl
    has and Tcl does not (or does it?) - <>
  - Talking of elegant, here is a little tool to extract those
    lines in files that interest you - <>
  - Or how about dissecting the HTML code of an Internet page and
    visualising the tree structure it actually is?
  - Of course, you could be interested in completely different things,
    say, artificial intelligence and the use of "agents". Well,
    check this page: <>
  - Encrypt and decrypt is the motto of the Blowfish algorithm.
    So, at your service: <>
  - When all else fails, you may have to hunt for a memory leak ...
    <> throws a life line or two.

Everything Tcl-related you want is probably one or two clicks away in these
    The "Welcome to comp.lang.tcl" message by Andreas Kupries
    comp.lang.tcl is a crucial resource for Tcl practitioners.
    An interesting perspective on its traffic appears at

    The Tcl Developer Site is Tcl's "home base".

    Larry Virden maintains a comp.lang.tcl FAQ launcher.

    Tcl Developer Xchange sponsor, ActiveState, keeps info to 
    convince your boss Tcl is a good thing

    The Tcl'ers Wiki is a huge, dynamic, collaboratively edited repository
    of documentation, examples, tutorials and pontifications on all things 
    For the ideal overview of the topics about Tcl most likely to
    interest a newcomer, see "Arts and Crafts ..."
    There's also a high-quality Wikibook on Tcl:

    ActiveState maintains binaries distribution and development tools
    along with a Cookbook of Tcl recipes

    "La Gazette du Técleux" is an important monthly publication. presents an intriguing approach to reference commentary.
    It already aggregates quite a bit of Tcl intelligence.

    Cameron Laird tracks several Tcl/Tk references of interest (but
    needs to validate many of the links).

    Years ago, Cetus Links maintained a Tcl/Tk page with verified links

    "Yahoo! Groups" archives comp.lang.tcl.announce posts--even 
    though clta itself is dormant.

We're working on more useful archives of past installments.  Dave 
Williams generously is building up
and of course Google gives us

Suggestions/corrections for next week's posting are always welcome.

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