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Posted Jul 31, 2011 5:29 UTC (Sun) by slashdot (guest, #22014)
In reply to: License by runciter
Parent article: Signs of life from GNU Hurd

I doubt that there are many who care whether a project they contribute to (or even less, that they use) is GPL2 or GPL3.

I expect that most people contribute to a project because they find it enjoyable to contribute to that specific project, and their interest in the license is most likely limited to checking that it is a free software and/or open source license.

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Posted Aug 1, 2011 13:08 UTC (Mon) by runciter (guest, #75370) [Link]

I, for one, would never make a significant contribution to a non-copyleft project. And while I don't mind GPL2 that much, when a developer contributes to Linux, he has to bear in mind that he is also contributing to TiVo and other companies like TiVo, which will use his code against the spirit of the license under which it was released by exploiting loopholes in the license. Everything else being equal, I would definitely choose to contribute to a GPL3+ project over a GPL2 project.

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