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User-friendly disk names

User-friendly disk names

Posted Jun 24, 2011 11:56 UTC (Fri) by dps (subscriber, #5725)
Parent article: User-friendly disk names

Speaking personally, I don't find things like /dev/sdc a problem. What irks me is that when I reboot /dev/sdc can turn out to be a completely different disc. This problem is particularly severe for some raid controllers.

A fixed, sane and stable mapping between the physical location in raid device and the name would avoid a lot of pain and drastically simplify some code. Most developers don't have this hardware but some commercial solutions do. Let is suffice to say that handling this problem is user space is *very* painful and the most vendor tools are both awful and closed source.

LSI logic's latest offering says "Note: end users should not use the sas2ircu utility. Instead they should ise the LSI SAS2 BIOS Configuration Utility <... all the rest snipped...>". What were they smoking? Do they really think that the BIOS utility is a good solution when working on a production server from a remote location?

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User-friendly disk names

Posted Jun 24, 2011 16:52 UTC (Fri) by Lennie (guest, #49641) [Link]

Isn't that what blkid/UUID is for ?

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