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Platform devices and device trees

Platform devices and device trees

Posted Jun 24, 2011 11:13 UTC (Fri) by etienne (guest, #25256)
In reply to: Platform devices and device trees by krisis
Parent article: Platform devices and device trees

I have to admit that my comment was not knowledgeable enough, my device tree memory from the PPC world is already old, and I am currently bothered by this ARM demo board refusing to boot (i.e. display the first line) of a Linux kernel compiled from the tree.
Last time it happened in the PPC world was when the device tree file was not correctly loaded in memory or loaded to the wrong RAM address/from the wrong FLASH address or corrupted.
I have read here on LVN about a patch to insert the device tree in the kernel file, so that would sort out this kind of problem.
I am still puzzled by the fact that the ARM processor I am using is completely defined, all its device address are fixed - up to the point that I have a CPU choice in the kernel menuconfig (CONFIG_ARCH_TI816X=y), yet the future would be a kernel file with variable device addresses to be resolved at run time from another file. (resolving at link time would be fine)
Now I shut up, my current problem is obviously not device tree - I have to look again at u-boot config.

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