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Either my test script is b0rken or BF has an 8-bit bug

From:  magnum <rawsmooth-cgr7CL/>
Subject:  Either my test script is b0rken or BF has an 8-bit bug
Date:  Mon, 20 Jun 2011 00:41:44 +0200
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article

Can someone having access to an OpenBSD system verify the enclosed 
Blowfish hash? Or produce a correct one: It is supposed to be a single 
pound sign in ISO-8859-1, but I can't crack it (or any other non-ascii) 
with John.

It's produced using Perl, Authen::Passphrase and I suspect the bug (or 
feature) is in that one. I read stdin as raw, which is usually what 
works best with Authen::Passphrase for non-Unicode formats and non-ascii 
plaintexts. I have also tried to read stdin with binmode set to 
iso-8859-1 and a couple other variants but nothing I've tried gets me a 
crackable hash.

I suspected Perl somehow ended up crypting the UTF-8 byte sequence for a 
pound sign, but that's not it (and I can't get it to do that on purpose 

The format is supposed to handle 8-bit, right? It says so in the struct.

#!comment: Built with using RAW mode, 0 to 125 characters

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