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Brief items

FSFE on AVM v. Cybits

Here's a press release from the Free Software Foundation Europe on an important GPL case going to trial in Berlin. "AVM claimed that when their customers install Cybits' filtering software on AVM routers it changes the routers' firmware and consequently infringes on AVM's copyright. In the opinion of AVM, even changing the Linux kernel components of the firmware is not allowed. The Court of Appeals of Berlin rejected this argument in its decision on the request for a preliminary injunction in September 2010, after Mr. Welte intervened in the case. Now, the District Court of Berlin will have to decide on the issue again, this time in the main proceedings." (See also Harald Welte's comments on the case.)

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Nokia's N9 handset launched

Nokia has announced the availability of the "N9", its long-awaited MeeGo-based "MeeGo/Harmattan" (Maemo)-based handset. More information can be found on this video-heavy page and Quim Gil's weblog. "The Nokia N9 is the ultimate Qt-powered mobile device. I find it a pleasure to watch and play with. Its polymer unibody chassis complemented by a strong and scratch-resistant curved glass makes it both solid and smooth in the hand. Multitasking is pushed forward with a combination of open tasks, events and apps. You navigate through these views with a simple gesture, a swipe of a finger." The company is making some handsets available through its community device program.

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Formally Launching the MeeGo Community Device Program

The MeeGo Blog has an announcement on the launch of the MeeGo Community Device Program. "We're still waiting for the long anticipated MeeGo handset, but in the meantime, Intel is providing ExoPCs for tablet development. To get them into your hands, we now have an online application to get your project proposals in front of the community approval committee."

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Karen Sandler has been named GNOME foundation executive director

The GNOME foundation has announced the appointment of Karen Sandler as the new executive director for the organization. Sandler comes to GNOME from the Software Freedom Law Center where she served as a general counsel. "Sandler's dedication to software freedom, her non-profits experience and her involvement in a wide range of free and open source software communities distinguish her as the logical choice for GNOME. 'I'm very excited that Karen is joining the GNOME Foundation as Executive Director!', says Stormy Peters, former Executive Director who has recently joined the GNOME Board as a new Director, 'Karen brings a wealth of experience in free software projects and nonprofits as well as a passion for free software. That experience will be invaluable as GNOME continues to expand its reach with GNOME 3.0 and GNOME technologies.'" Look for an interview with Sandler about her new role later today here at LWN.

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Articles of interest

Oracle v. Google - Updating the Reexams (Groklaw)

Groklaw has an update on the reexamination of Oracle's patents that are being asserted in its case against Google. "In the reexamination of U.S. Patent 6192476 the USPTO has issued an office action in which it rejects 17 of the patent's 21 claims... While Oracle has asserted seven different patents in its claims against Google, if this reexamination is exemplary of what Oracle can expect in each of the other reexaminations, Oracle will have a hard time finding claims that it can successfully assert against Google, and there lies Oracles conundrum. Oracle either has to agree with the court's directive to limit the number of claims it will assert at trial, or it is likely the court will simply stay the trial until the reexaminations are complete."

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Keeping the Desktop Dream Alive (LinuxInsider)

LinuxInsider talks with Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. "What you call fragmentation is that core kernel, which is a multibillion-dollar investment, and what people are doing is taking that and building products in the marketplace based on it, whether it's Google Search, Android, Samsung TV, Facebook, a music service or the New York Stock Exchange. You could characterize all these things as fragmentation, but I'd characterize that as an efficient market -- in other words, the market is solving the problems today."

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Keeping the Desktop Dream Alive, Part 2 (TechNewsWorld)

TechNewsWorld has the second half of a LinuxInsider interview with Jim Zemlin. "Let's take a non-high-tech marketplace like power production -- let's use power companies. They're basically setting up smart grid technology to meter people's [electricity] consumption on a 15-minute incremental basis so they can manage power patterns and make sure the grid is allocating energy effectively. If you're polling 12 million customers' power usage every 15 minutes, you're polling millions of transactions that have to be centralized, stored and analyzed, then have the data pushed out. You have power meters, servers that store and analyze the data, high-performance computers to crunch the data. In all those categories, Linux is either the No. 1 operating system or the fastest-growing operating system."

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New Books

HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World--New from SitePoint

SitePoint has released "HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World", by Estelle Weyl, Louis Lazaris, and Alexis Goldstein.

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Calls for Presentations

Call for Participation: Workshops and BoFs at the Desktop Summit 2011

The Desktop Summit 2011 will be held August 6-12 in Berlin, Germany. From August 10-14 there will be workshops and Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs), and the wiki is open for people to register your sessions until July 3. "The Desktop Summit will have an exciting program of talks. But the most important part of the conference are the Workshop & BoF days. This is the part of the conference where the participants get together to discuss and work on the future of the Free Desktop. It is where the latest technology is demonstrated in a one-to-few setting and where decisions are made. The organisation committee would like to schedule as many of these sessions beforehand as possible. We expect over 1000 visitors and scheduling helps to ensure minimal overlap with other sessions and allows us to provide a clear timetable for the visitors."

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PyCon Finland 2011 Call For Proposals

PyCon Finland will take place October 17-18, 2011 in Turku, Finland. "The presentation slots will be 40 minutes + 10 minutes of discussion at the end. Shared sessions are also possible. The language for the presentations should be English to encourage international participation." The proposal deadline in August 1.

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2nd Call For Papers, 18th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference 2011

Tcl'2011 will take place October 24-28 in Manassas, Virginia. Abstracts and proposals are due August 26. "The program committee is asking for papers and presentation proposals from anyone using or developing with Tcl/Tk (and extensions)."

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Upcoming Events

LinuxCon North America schedule released

The schedule for LinuxCon North America has been released. The conference will be held August 17-19 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Highlights include a conversation between Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman, keynotes from Clay Shirky, Allison Randal, Martin Mickos, Jim Whitehurst, and others, as well as a "20th anniversary of Linux" gala event: "a Roaring 20's themed special event open to all attendees on the first night of LinuxCon. Dinner, drinks, casino games, awards, prizes and more. Costumes & tuxedos encouraged!" More information can be found on the main web page.

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Events: June 30, 2011 to August 29, 2011

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

June 29
July 2
12º Fórum Internacional Software Livre Porto Alegre, Brazil
July 9
July 14
Libre Software Meeting / Rencontres mondiales du logiciel libre Strasbourg, France
July 11
July 16
SciPy 2011 Austin, TX, USA
July 11
July 12
PostgreSQL Clustering, High Availability and Replication Cambridge, UK
July 11
July 15
Ubuntu Developer Week online event
July 15
July 17
State of the Map Europe 2011 Wien, Austria
July 17
July 23
DebCamp Banja Luka, Bosnia
July 19 Getting Started with C++ Unit Testing in Linux
July 24
July 30
DebConf11 Banja Luka, Bosnia
July 25
July 29
OSCON 2011 Portland, OR, USA
July 30
July 31
PyOhio 2011 Columbus, OH, USA
July 30
August 6
Linux Beer Hike (LinuxBierWanderung) Lanersbach, Tux, Austria
August 4
August 7
Wikimania 2011 Haifa, Israel
August 6
August 12
Desktop Summit Berlin, Germany
August 10
August 12
USENIX Security ’11: 20th USENIX Security Symposium San Francisco, CA, USA
August 10
August 14
Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Finowfurt, Germany
August 13
August 14
OggCamp 11 Farnham, UK
August 15
August 16
KVM Forum 2011 Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 15
August 17
YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl” Riga, Latvia
August 17
August 19
LinuxCon North America 2011 Vancouver, Canada
August 20
August 21
PyCon Australia Sydney, Australia
August 20
August 21
Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters Tapei, Taiwan
August 22
August 26
8th Netfilter Workshop Freiburg, Germany
August 23 Government Open Source Conference Washington, DC, USA
August 25
August 28
EuroSciPy Paris, France
August 25
August 28
GNU Hackers Meeting Paris, France
August 26 Dynamic Language Conference 2011 Edinburgh, United-Kingdom
August 27
August 28
Kiwi PyCon 2011 Wellington, New Zealand
August 27 PyCon Japan 2011 Tokyo, Japan
August 27 SC2011 - Software Developers Haven Ottawa, ON, Canada

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

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