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vdso time change is in glibc-2.14

vdso time change is in glibc-2.14

Posted Jun 9, 2011 18:21 UTC (Thu) by vapier (subscriber, #15768)
Parent article: On vsyscalls and the vDSO

the vdso time change has hit a release (2.14), but it still will probably take some time to make it out to users

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vdso time change is in glibc-2.14

Posted Jun 11, 2011 13:37 UTC (Sat) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Not least because there is a spray of reports of what look like rather serious bugs in 2.14 on libc-alpha, but (as usual) no movement at all from the libc maintainers towards anything like a backport. So we have to wait until a 2.14 maintainer gets sorted out and figures out what patches might fix it, with the usual no help at all from the people who introduced the bugs in the first place.

glibc development is *sick*.

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