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Quotes of the week

Users are a really terrible source of interface specifications. "Hackers" are often not much better, but at least if the interface is lousy the developer has the potential to be accountable for it and its improvement.
-- Casey Schaufler

IMHO the key design mistake of LSM is that it detaches security policy from applications: you need to be admin to load policies, you need to be root to use/configure an LSM. Dammit, you need to be root to add labels to files! This not only makes the LSM policies distro specific (and needlessly forked and detached from real security), but also gives the message that:
'to ensure your security you need to be privileged'
which is the anti-concept of good security IMO.
-- Ingo Molnar
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Quotes of the week

Posted Jun 9, 2011 3:45 UTC (Thu) by Hausvib6 (guest, #70606) [Link]

What Ingo said has ring a big bell in my head.

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