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Posted May 21, 2011 16:04 UTC (Sat) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946)
In reply to: and contributor agreements by AlexHudson
Parent article: and contributor agreements

They have a good track record as far as Linux kernel is concerned. They have done good work in some of the Apache projects as well.

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Posted May 21, 2011 19:23 UTC (Sat) by Wol (guest, #4433) [Link]

I believe Eclipse started off as an IBM thing, and that has now been handed over to a foundation ...

So not quite the same, in that it started under IBM control, but if they're happy to hand a successful project over to the community...!

At the end of the day, IBM are in it to make money. If they see easy money providing consulting and support on a FLOSS project, why shouldn't they take it? And annoying the project leaders is not a good long term idea ...


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