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Posted May 14, 2011 9:17 UTC (Sat) by rmayr (subscriber, #16880)
In reply to: DVCS-autosync by martinfick
Parent article: DVCS-autosync

[dvcs-autosync author here...]

That is what I will be trying to do for those files not managed by git-annex (not that git-annex support is done yet...). However, I don't know yet what the best way to rewrite the history will be and am happy to take any suggestions at this point. filter-branch is something I have used before for splitting repositories, but there may be better ways to reduce history. From a user point of view, the use cases that should be supported by the trimmed history are IMHO: a) "Give me the state of this directory at a point in time up to X days/weeks/months ago" and b) "I want this file as it was Y revisions ago". Everything that does not fit in either a) or b) with user-configured values for X and Y can be pruned.

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Posted May 14, 2011 20:53 UTC (Sat) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

when trimming the history, I can see a couple of desired approaches

1. I want to keep all revisions up to X days/revisions ago, but I don't care much about anything before that.

2. I know that this is a good version, I want to make sure I can always see this version, but I don't care about all the other versions I haven't tagged.

3. I want to save one version per day/week/?? but not _every_ version (i.e. get me back into the approximate area, but don't spend the resources to save every version)

I can also see combinations of these

for example I want a snapshot each day, but every revision for the last week

given how efficient the git compression can be, I would suggest having a dry-run mode that will tell you how much space you are saving by throwing away the history. for binary files it may be quite a bit, but for other files you may be surprised at how little it saves.


Posted May 17, 2011 21:15 UTC (Tue) by zooko (guest, #2589) [Link]

(Tahoe-LAFS hacker here)

There are hooks to integrate git-annex with Tahoe-LAFS, and that might make it easier to do the sort of pruning you are talking about here.

Also, send me email at and I'll hook you up with a Tahoe-LAFS storage service that you can use for testing.

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