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Posted May 14, 2011 5:53 UTC (Sat) by ewen (subscriber, #4772)
In reply to: DVCS-autosync by mathstuf
Parent article: DVCS-autosync

FWIW, with some tools I always run them via a wrapper (often named the same, but earlier in the search path, and explicitly calling the real one via a full pathname), so that it can do various tidying up before/after. Eg, my cash tracking application is run from a wrapper that auto-commits changes into git, if there are any, and I used to run trn via a similar wrapper.

You could probably do the same thing with tin: copy the state file out of a repository somewhere to the name it expects, run tin, let it overwrite the file, diff the resulting file against the repository, and auto-commit/push if it has changed. Aside from the last-write-wins-whole-file issue (or whatever your auto-resolve-conflicts policy becomes), it seems like it should automagically do what you want.


PS: You're still left with problems of state stuck inside always-running applications that only write state on exit, but that's baked in to the applications in question.

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