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No Metrics

No Metrics

Posted May 9, 2011 16:13 UTC (Mon) by raven667 (subscriber, #5198)
In reply to: No Metrics by paulj
Parent article: Scale Fail (part 1)

This may be off-topic but why do you say that? While it's true that we will still have just as many firewalls as before it should be easier to enable end-to-end connectivity and such connectivity is the default and harder to work around than not doing so.

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Universal end-to-end nightmare

Posted May 19, 2011 18:39 UTC (Thu) by oelewapperke (guest, #74309) [Link]

This sadly is a good reason *not* to implement ipv6. Security is a problem, and NAT means universal firewalling.

Given how many security problems we have, and how quickly they get fixed ... this is sadly a good thing.

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