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Who maintains RPM? (2011 edition)

Who maintains RPM? (2011 edition)

Posted May 7, 2011 11:10 UTC (Sat) by gvy (guest, #11981)
In reply to: Who maintains RPM? (2011 edition) by proyvind
Parent article: Who maintains RPM? (2011 edition)

> I'm not sure what you're referring to..? rejection of hasty patches with subsequent access mods.

> Dmitry Komissarov has nothing to do with our choice of rpm5
Glad to hear that, actually. (and read up a bit on developer's discussion as well)

> what stupid management decission you're referring to either..
I've specifically noted "(from my judgment)" *asserting* that "feature pressure" was done downwards on developers, not a decision made by technically savvy. If it were rpm5 (or systemd, or any other part of the whole bunch) _alone_, I'd be less inclined to assert so.

During Russian school project, Dmitry has achieved something of a record on mismanagement -- managing to bring a successfully piloted project (by ALT Linux) to a full-scale grave. I spoke to him many times but he seems very much like a self assured moron unable to acknowledge his shortcomings, unfortunately.

I'd also like to warn that NGI fund seems to have lost in Russian government gamble, so there might be some sense to have a plan B for those working at Mandriva looking at how Sickola Narkozy regards free software, both national and in general.

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Who maintains RPM? (2011 edition)

Posted May 7, 2011 13:13 UTC (Sat) by proyvind (guest, #74683) [Link]

rejection of hasty patches? Hm, I guess you must be referring to mine and Jeff's "artistic differences" and timeframe... ;)

Basically a lot of required changes and new features was had to be rushed into rpm5 cvs, often under a #ifdef RPM_VENDOR_MANDRIVA for us to get where we wanted in time for our upcoming release, this is much due to lack of better revision control such as ie. git (which we're likely to move to soon) and the need for having changes mainttained upstream rather than locally patched, so for these to be both reviewed and also for Jeff to do continous integration with buildbots running cooker and building latest cvs code. Jeff's complaints was more of a result of me spending more time to get things done and code committed way later than was expected, thus misinterpreted, nothing whatsoever related to any feuds, big disagreements or anything. Our relation has always been good, so to others viewing it from the outside, the impression might be entirely messed up, not knowing much about what's not posted on the public list...

For the feature pressure, this has simply come from the community, and something I think is a great thing as we seem to be pulling it off nicely. :)
RPM5 is something I've been involved with over a few years now and has been trying to push for a long time, with new management finally taking interest in opinions and ideas of mine, in contrast to old one. Systemd is Andrey Borzenkov to be creditted, another community member which has done the major work and efforts related to systemd.

All in all, the experience with Dmitry within Mandriva is overwhelmingly positive with a quite favorable view by most, given our bad history with awful management in the past, I guess the bar wasn't set really high, but so far the level of sanity seen is far above average, something which has been more motivating than much else in a long, long time, leaving a very good atmosphere and environment within mandriva and community now, which a year ago was certainly not the case..

For Dmitry in relation to ALT & Russia, I can't speak, nor know much about it beyond some comments on why not going with ALT, which I'd rather not find appropriate disclosing in public. I can only say that you have my sympathies for any possible mismanagement or foul play that might've taken place with regards to your project...

I was always hoping for a closer collaboration with ALT Linux, and also hoping for increasing their involvement in and on sharing efforts on distribution, giving all the synergies shared and and their common history dating back to Russian Linux-Mandrake, and I still very much hope so for this to happen regardless of who wins the bid with the Russian government or not (hey, it might not be either of us, it could just as well be ASP Linux..;).

But rest assured, please do not interpret greater technical changes and activity wrt. cooker development as a direct consequence of Komissarov's involvement, it's rather more a result of greater influence and more development done by Conectiva now, which is a very good thing and quite promising in the long run.

I'm hoping this is not the last we speak, with the next occation being under better circumstances and of mutual benefits and interest. :)

Per √ėyvind

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