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util-linux v2.19.1

From:  Karel Zak <>
Subject:  [ANNOUNCE] util-linux v2.19.1
Date:  Mon, 2 May 2011 13:33:27 +0200
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article

The bugfix release util-linux-n 2.19.1 is available at

Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


util-linux 2.19.1 Release Notes

Changes since v2.19

 For more details see ChangeLog files at:

   - don't ignore -i  [Karel Zak]
   - fix double free [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - small fix for safe_print()  [Sergey Gusarov]
   - don't build lsblk on Linux without openat()  [Karel Zak]
   - non-linux fixup  [Samuel Thibault]
   - fix gcc link() warn_unused_result warning  [Karel Zak]
   - fix small memory leak  [Karel Zak]
   - remove non-ascii chars from ddate  [Karel Zak]
   - update AUTHORS file  [Karel Zak]
   - check index before access to array [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - more robust whole-disk detection  [Karel Zak]
   - check mnt_tab_next_fs() return code [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - fix -C parsing  [Karel Zak]
   - [at.h]  include c.h for PATH_MAX  [Karel Zak]
   - [c.h]  typeof to __typeof__ fix  [Sami Kerola]
   - [c.h] add definition wrappers for old libc versions  [Davidlohr Bueso]
   - [strutils.c] more robust strtol checks  [Karel Zak]
   - [strutils] avoid integer overflow on large values  [Dave Reisner]
   - [tt.c] dereferencing data before a null check [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - add PART_ENTRY_* to docs  [Karel Zak]
   - fix EFI GPT uuid byte order  [Karel Zak]
   - fix gcc warnings  [Karel Zak]
   - fix typo in *_to_cpu() usage in raid detection [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - remove test for non-zero head count in FAT superblock probe.  [Nick Holloway]
   - try to detect if PT is newer than LVM  [Karel Zak]
   - use blkid_probe_get_buffer() more carefully  [Karel Zak]
   - add fallbacks for old systems without umount2() syscall  [Karel Zak]
   - avoid redundant declaration of mnt_context_do_umount  [Jan Engelhardt]
   - block signals when update utab  [Karel Zak]
   - block signals when writing to mtab  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup *_do_[u]mount() return codes and docs  [Karel Zak]
   - create a default lock for mtab update  [Karel Zak]
   - fix memory leak in cache  [Karel Zak]
   - fix parsing of mountinfo from 2.6.39  [Karel Zak]
   - keep code more readable for analyzers [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - more robust mtab and utab update (CVE-2011-1676, CVE-2011-1677)  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unused variable from test  [Karel Zak]
   - replace mkostmps() with more portable mkstemp()  [Karel Zak]
   - small lock code cleanup  [Karel Zak]
   - support /run/mount rather than /dev/.mount  [Karel Zak]
   - do not use invalid file descriptor  [Petr Uzel]
   - fix test in get_clock()  [Petr Uzel]
   - manpage spelling fixes  [Petr Uzel]
   - fix variable type compiler warning  [Sami Kerola]
   - does not ignore setgid() return code for non-roots  [Karel Zak]
   - fix checktty test to compile with old glibc  [Karel Zak]
   - bitwise or TT_FL_ASCII with tt_flags instead of setting  [Dave Reisner]
   - fix readlink() usage  [Karel Zak]
   - fix strtoul() usage [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - use ssize_t for readlink() return code  [Karel Zak]
   - detect sun4{u,v} in /proc/cpuinfo for sparc64  [Karel Zak]
   - fix op-mode for /{sys,proc} dumps  [Karel Zak]
   - fix threads-per-core calculation  [Karel Zak]
   - add note about blank lines to fstab.5  [Karel Zak]
   - remove unused variable  [Karel Zak]
   - update mtab on "-f" and compiled with libmount  [Karel Zak]
   - use fflush() and temporary file for mtab updates (CVE-2011-1089)  [Karel Zak]
   - use lock from mnt_update_table()  [Karel Zak]
partx, lsblk:
   - fix gettext calls  [Karel Zak]
   - merge changes  [Karel Zak]
   - update da.po (from  [Joe Hansen]
   - update fr.po (from  [David Prévot]
   - don't stop parsing at __init_end  [Po-Yu Chuang]
   - memory leak fix  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix compiler warnings  [Sami Kerola]
   - bug in argument check  [Sami Kerola]
   - segfault with long dump file name  [Sami Kerola]
   - fix open() return value check [coverity scan]  [Karel Zak]
   - support --lines 0  [Karel Zak]
   - add test for RLIMIT_FSIZE issue  [Karel Zak]
   - add tests for [u]mount regular file  [Karel Zak]
   - don't run mount/regfile test on old kernel  [Karel Zak]
   - update GPT test  [Karel Zak]
   - use libmount tab update tests for UID=0 only  [Karel Zak]
   - allow unmounting loopdev specified by associated file  [Petr Uzel]
   - block signals when umounting and updating mtab (CVE-2011-1676, CVE-2011-1677)  [Karel Zak]
   - segfaults with inconsistent entry in /etc/fstab  [Karel Zak]
   - support non-canonical devnames in mtab  [Karel Zak]
   - use UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW for non-root users  [Karel Zak]
   - fix manpage  libuuid(3) does not exist  [Petr Uzel]
 Karel Zak  <>
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