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MathML, Firefox, and Firemath

MathML, Firefox, and Firemath

Posted Apr 30, 2011 0:40 UTC (Sat) by fsateler (subscriber, #65497)
Parent article: MathML, Firefox, and Firemath

<apply> <power/><ci>x</ci> <cn>2</cn> </apply>

This is possibly the worst possible (ab)use of XML I've seen (or looks like it, please somebody explain if I'm wrong), based on 2 facts observable in that snippet:

1. <apply> tag. Is there a reason I would want to not apply an operation? Why don't operation keywords just nest into their operands?
2.Order-dependent parsing.

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MathML, Firefox, and Firemath

Posted May 3, 2011 22:50 UTC (Tue) by Tobu (subscriber, #24111) [Link]

Content MathML looks like typed lambda calculus. Presentation MathML is much more concise for this expression, and can be mapped to Content MathML and back again, but Presentation MathML can only prettify a limited set of already defined operators. On the other hand Content MathML can define new operators and use the already defined operators as functional values, for example defining Knuth's double arrow operator using <power/> and some <recursion/> combinator (both are normal values for lambda calculus).

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