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Arch Linux and censorship

Arch Linux and censorship

Posted Apr 9, 2011 11:25 UTC (Sat) by i3839 (guest, #31386)
Parent article: Arch Linux and (the lack of) package signing

Years ago I used to help out people on the Arch forum and even made it to moderator. I'm still using Arch, but you won't find me on the forums any more. There are some very immature people with too much power that love to censor anything they don't like personally. After that happened to me and it became clear that I was the only one thinking that censoring is plain wrong I just left. My post that got deleted was quoting the crap some people were posting on the public TU or AUR mailinglist (I forgot the details). I even left out the personal insults, but they were not amused anyway. As I was a mod at the time, I could probably have restored my post, but it's the principle of censoring stuff you don't like which is very wrong.

I also wrote a patch adding the ability to upgrade only packages that were x days old (the only sensible way to add some stability to a rolling release package system IMHO), and a bunch of buffer overflow fixes for Pacman, but they didn't make it in either as far as I know.

I know others that left the forum/Arch for similar reasons. All very disheartening. Sad that not much changed since I left.

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