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Slackware 13.37: Linux for the fun of it

Slackware 13.37: Linux for the fun of it

Posted Apr 8, 2011 13:13 UTC (Fri) by kirkengaard (guest, #15022)
Parent article: Slackware 13.37: Linux for the fun of it

So many good memories! I've since gone to a laptop system that (for all its Intel Linux compatibility) broke my chain of Slack use. Stupid wide screen -- I got tired of fixing everything that didn't believe in 16x9.

While we're "old-folks-at-home" here, I got into Linux with a SuSE retail box just before the libc6 transition. Spent too many times screwing it up by recompiling/upgrading libc and X and everything after, and then discovered Slackware. That was right at the version 7 bump, and I never looked back! Debian was still on text-based install, and nothing like as slick and clean as the Slackware install environment. I had some friends go Mandrake for its auto-configure, but I hated supporting their systems because the init scripts were botched by the process. Just not designed to be treated like UNIX. I ran -current constantly, and with only two major problems across the span of time from 7.0 to 13.0. It's just a beautiful system, especially now that it has package management and third-party repositories, and all without corrupting the basic philosophy.

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