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Quotes of the week

And that concept can be brought to its logical conclusion: i think it's only a matter of time until someone takes the Linux kernel, integrates klibc and a toolchain into it with some good initial userspace and goes wild with that concept, as a single, sane, 100% self-hosting and self-sufficient OSS project, tracking the release schedule of the Linux kernel.
-- Ingo Molnar

The minimal patchset is too minimal for Oren's use and the maximal patchset seems to have run aground on general kernel sentiment. So I guess you either take the minimal patchset and make it less minimal or take the maximal patchset and make it less maximal, ending up with the same thing. How's that for hand-waving useless obviousnesses.
-- Andrew Morton

I've told people this before, and I'll tell it again: when I flame submaintainers, they should try to push the pain down. I'm not really asking those submaintainers to clean up all the stuff they are getting: I'm basically asking people to say "no", or at least push back a lot, and argue with the people who send you code. Tell them what you don't like about the code, and tell them that you can't take it any more.
-- Linus Torvalds

The mobile space is about proprietary drivers.
-- Mark Charlebois, Qualcomm Innovation Center (on stage at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit)
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