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Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Posted Mar 25, 2011 7:32 UTC (Fri) by FlorianMueller (guest, #32048)
In reply to: Google Strategy by brianomahoney
Parent article: Google Holds Honeycomb Tight (Business Week)

@brianomahoney, don't worry about me here. I don't search for patent infringements -- I just observe what's going on, which is difficult enough in the face of 37 Android-related patent lawsuits. I'll be happy about each patent being invalidated in any of the disputes, but there are too many that are being asserted against Android, so ultimately this will affect the competitiveness of the platform.

If patent holders want to go after #Honeyclosed tablets, they can do so anyway if they find other ways to identify infringements. Once there's a lawsuit, they can ask defendants to produce source code (as part of discovery). If their patents also read on previous versions, they will initially assume that the same infringement pattern is also found in #Honeyclosed.

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Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Posted Mar 25, 2011 13:56 UTC (Fri) by foom (subscriber, #14868) [Link]

This isn't twitter, making up words and them with # doesn't do jack.

Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Posted Mar 25, 2011 14:56 UTC (Fri) by jmm82 (guest, #59425) [Link]

Thank you for adding your "This comment is sponsored by" link to your post. How much were you paid for that?

Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Posted Mar 26, 2011 12:18 UTC (Sat) by brianomahoney (guest, #6206) [Link]

We don't worry about you FM, your spin and FUD are so blatent that they are really easy to discount. You are trying to talk up an anti-Google story and calling it "#Honeyclosed" just because some parts, which are not GPL'd arn't released yet, _but_ Google have a commitment to release all versions, and it is clearly in their beneficial interest to do so, probably quite soon.

This is so phony as to be untrue.

If you want developer access ask!

Don't worry about me in the #Honeyclosed context

Posted Mar 26, 2011 12:51 UTC (Sat) by brianomahoney (guest, #6206) [Link]

For once Florian, I will let myself be a little drawn by you, the "37 Android patent" suits are a public disgrace and a shaming inditement of both the US Patent and Legal systems.

First, most of the patents are sham, and should not have been granted on the basis of obviousness, natural law or prior art anyway, and Secondly the legal system should have a way of disposing of these suits in a maximum of 1 working day per suit, from complaint to judgement, and the loser should have to pay all costs of the action.

Finally, that ultimately corrupted institution the US Justice Department should be supporting, not opposing, making the overturning of patents easier.

Now the real story here is Florian is _once_again_ pointing at Android as patent encumbered, that was tried by SCO and the world understands the difference. I for one am very pleased that there is at least one US corporation that has decided not to roll over and play dead to these rent seeking extortionists eg M$, Apple and Nokia.

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