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Posted Mar 19, 2011 23:43 UTC (Sat) by corbet (editor, #1)
In reply to: systemd and autogroup scheduling by meyert
Parent article: A group scheduling demonstration

I don't know if Rawhide has this feature enabled or not, actually; I run my own kernels most of the time.

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Posted Mar 20, 2011 11:23 UTC (Sun) by meyert (subscriber, #32097) [Link]

okay. what I wanted to say was, that you probably didn't see the effect of the autogroup functionality here, but the systemd functionality of creating a cpu cgroup for each service. As far as I understood, when autogroup is active and a cpu cgroup for a given tasks exists, the cpu cgroup takes precedence.
and as a user of rawhide you probably use systemd as init daemon.


Posted Mar 28, 2011 22:09 UTC (Mon) by Duncan (guest, #6647) [Link]

Perhaps, but cpu cgroup for each /service/ won't affect regular apps and their grouping. The kernel's auto-grouping will.

As can be seen from the top screenshot and as explained in the text, all those X apps were splitting the time available to their group, which should have been the one set by the kernel as they aren't services. At least, if systemd had altered their scheduling, it did so in the same way that the kernel autogrouping would have, because the autogrouping would have put the entire X session in the same group, and that's the scheduling behavior observed.

Duncan (on Gentoo, no systemd, mainline kernel 2.6.38, autogrouping on, so what systemd might or might not do doesn't presently affect me in the slightest)

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