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APIs for sensors

APIs for sensors

Posted Mar 17, 2011 18:04 UTC (Thu) by jic23 (subscriber, #56049)
In reply to: APIs for sensors by ebirdie
Parent article: APIs for sensors

I'm certainly open to a better name.

Environmental to my mind covers your cases of a weather station and radio monitor well, but what about a resolver (rotation ADC) on a motor, or a 3 phase power meter? The issue is that environment carries a lot of baggage as a term.

The industrial bit came from an early LKML discussion and has really just been a working name ever since.

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APIs for sensors

Posted Mar 24, 2011 15:34 UTC (Thu) by ebirdie (guest, #512) [Link]

What about word "instrumentation"? It should cover input and output from outside world not taking into account the qualities or environment where the I/O comes from.

APIs for sensors

Posted Mar 26, 2011 10:23 UTC (Sat) by efexis (guest, #26355) [Link]

Encompassing Industrial/environmental instrumentation IO, or E-I-E-I-O?! :-)

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