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Red Hat and the GPL

Red Hat and the GPL

Posted Mar 9, 2011 21:10 UTC (Wed) by branden (guest, #7029)
In reply to: Red Hat and the GPL by vonbrand
Parent article: Red Hat and the GPL

"This is ludicrous. How can the fact that somebody does a git rebase make that the preferred form for the code suddenly isn't a tarball anymore?"

Well-stated. I don't know why so many people keep dragging the VCS issue into things.

The complaint was *not* "Red Hat doesn't make their git trees public!"

Why do people insist on pretending as if it was?

It is possible for Red Hat to distribute the kernel SRPMs in a form which unambiguously satisfied the letter and spirit of the GPL without exposing their git trees to the public. How do we know that? Because until recently, they'd spent years doing it.

People are not asking for the moon here.

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Red Hat and the GPL

Posted Mar 9, 2011 21:36 UTC (Wed) by dark (guest, #8483) [Link]

Well I wasn't talking about access to the VCS at all. I was talking about publication of the patch queue. If the patch queue as a whole is the thing that you modify and that changes over time, then that's the source. It would even make sense to check the patches into a VCS so that you get meta-patches to track the changes, which is something I've seen done.

However this doesn't seem to apply to the RHEL kernel so it's just hypothetical.

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