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Red Hat and the GPL

Red Hat and the GPL

Posted Mar 9, 2011 13:59 UTC (Wed) by paulj (subscriber, #341)
In reply to: Red Hat and the GPL by gevaerts
Parent article: Red Hat and the GPL

Talking about the "preferred form of the work for making modifications to it" is not misleading, it's the crux of the matter - this is the actual text of the GPL! Maintaining a work requires making modifications. Indeed, affording end-users the ability to maintain the software on their devices, even if the vendor has lost interest, was a prime motivation in formulating the GPL.

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Red Hat and the GPL

Posted Mar 9, 2011 20:43 UTC (Wed) by sepreece (guest, #19270) [Link]

Yes, but *whose* preferred form for making modifications? What matters, in the context of the intent of the license, is what would be preferred by a downstream modifier, NOT the preference of the entity distributing the source code.

Doesn't seem, to me, to be a question that has a single answer.

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