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Modularity and Layering

Modularity and Layering

Posted Mar 6, 2011 5:15 UTC (Sun) by dlang (subscriber, #313)
In reply to: Modularity and Layering by theoldrang
Parent article: First look at Ubuntu "Natty" and the state of Unity

there are many distros that give you detailed control over everything that's installed in the system.

Ubuntu is not aiming at people like you (and me) who want this control.

they are aiming at people who want a desktop that 'just works' and who don't care how or why it works. As a result they choose to install things that you and I don't want on the system.

now, if I care enough, I can still go in under the covers and rip things out (it's pretty much Debian under the covers, so if you try hard enough to ignore the defaults, you can do anything with it that you can do with Debian)

there is a place for Ubuntu, and there are places that Ubuntu should not be used.

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Modularity and Layering

Posted Mar 6, 2011 22:21 UTC (Sun) by theoldrang (guest, #71818) [Link]

Looking at some of the really basic systems, that are running Ubuntu (highly stripped) and tailored to their 'really basic systems,' and with the approval of Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth, I would almost venture to say that there is a place for not only those that want control (sinners such as we) or those that need control (hardware developers and other grievous sinners such as they... had to carry the sinning thing along), but, what I am proposing, is not that far out of possible (e.g. two different install iso's... one for newbie saints... and one for the Al Yankovich types (weird, wired and sinners)... Call one, "Welcome to the heaven of Ubuntu"... and the other "HELL-o"\|/"o. One would have the standard distro... and the other warning labels asking for your adult supervision signatory.

But, the other would contain what is needed (let's call it the 'Happy Valley' Ubuntu) and, a wild west drinking town of other options (use at your own risk and Mr. Shuttleworth will laugh his bum off at any support requests...) "No More Warnings" Ubuntu.

You say it can't, I still say it can.

I would just like to do it without having to clean up such a mess, before I make my own.

Modularity and Layering

Posted Mar 6, 2011 23:37 UTC (Sun) by DOT (subscriber, #58786) [Link]

You may be interested in the Minimal CD:

Modularity and Layering

Posted Mar 7, 2011 0:23 UTC (Mon) by theoldrang (guest, #71818) [Link]

As they say in the South of France...

Domo Arigato, Signor!!

(Now to learn text install....sigh...)

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