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Waking systems from suspend

Waking systems from suspend

Posted Mar 5, 2011 23:34 UTC (Sat) by jstultz (subscriber, #212)
In reply to: Waking systems from suspend by swetland
Parent article: Waking systems from suspend

clock_nanosleep() might be one possibility?

Although from my brief discussions with Arve it sounded like the semantics of the android alarm timer interface is a little particular (especially with regards to wakelocks), so I doubt there will be an alternate implementation that will provide an exact 1:1 mapping.

That said, the rework of the RTC layer as well as the implementation of CLOCK_BOOTTIME (tglx just pulled it into -tip) will hopefully greatly simplify the android alarm timer code. So there may be a future for both the posix alarm timers and some form of the /dev/alarm device to co-exist, sharing a good bit of code.

Even so, while I think the posix interface for alarm timers provides a fairly nice and consistent interface that application developers are used to using, I'd greatly appreciate feedback and suggestions for alternative interfaces. Maybe we need something like clock_select()?

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Waking systems from suspend

Posted Mar 7, 2011 14:39 UTC (Mon) by alonz (subscriber, #815) [Link]

Wouldn't it be better to just enhance timerfd() so it can take these new types of clock IDs as well as CLOCK_REALTIME / CLOCK_MONOTONIC?

Waking systems from suspend

Posted Mar 7, 2011 18:16 UTC (Mon) by jstultz (subscriber, #212) [Link]

That might be a good approach. I'll look into it!

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