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Who wrote 2.6.38

Who wrote 2.6.38

Posted Mar 4, 2011 15:44 UTC (Fri) by jeremiah (subscriber, #1221)
Parent article: Who wrote 2.6.38

Does anyone know where, as in what areas, IBM has stopped contributing, and what areas TI has expanded into? I have this inherent urge to map their contributions to their current business models and use of Linux in their offerings. As we ll as a little bit of curiosity about TI picking up where IBM is leaving off.

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Who wrote 2.6.38

Posted Mar 4, 2011 19:30 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

I guess IBM don't need to contribute so much because S390 basically works now, or is getting closer to working: during initial porting and stabilization on their huge systems they had a lot of porting work to do, also scalability and related stuff.

Who wrote 2.6.38

Posted Mar 7, 2011 18:03 UTC (Mon) by broonie (subscriber, #7078) [Link]

TI hasn't really expanded their area of contribution but they've got a new CPU (OMAP4) that they're in the middle of introducing and there's a lot of development on things like the PM for their existing CPUs.

They also hired a bunch of people who were working on their chips externally (eg, taking contractors on staff) which pushed the numbers for TI itself up.

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