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wayland does not preclude application remoting

wayland does not preclude application remoting

Posted Mar 3, 2011 1:28 UTC (Thu) by nwnk (guest, #52271)
In reply to: Getting both portability and innovation by nix
Parent article: Choosing between portability and innovation

I grow increasingly tired of this strawman.

No one has defined a remoting protocol specifically for a wayland compositing environment yet. This is good, not bad, because it means we have the opportunity to define a good one. The tight binding between window system and presentation in X11 means that while purely graphical interaction is relatively efficient, any interaction between apps is disastrously bad, because X doesn't define IPC, it defines a generic communication channel in which you can build the IPC you want, which is a cacaphony of round trips.

You want a compositing window system. You probably want your remoting protocol in the compositor. The compositing protocol and the remoting protocol should probably mesh nicely but they're not the same problem and conflating them is a fallacy.

You'll note that wayland also does not define a rendering protocol. In fact it goes out of its way not to. Yet for some reason, wayland is not accused of killing OpenGL, or killing cairo, or killing any other rendering API (besides core X11 I suppose). If anything, that people so tightly mentally bind remoting, rendering, and composition is a tribute to the worse-is-better success of X11.

Unlearn what you have learned.

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wayland does not preclude application remoting

Posted Mar 3, 2011 16:38 UTC (Thu) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

I hadn't thought of putting remoting in the compositor. It seems... odd, but not fundamentally any odder than doing it in the thing which draws the graphics, and I suppose it should work, since the compositor sees everything flowing to and from the user. I suppose you could put all of X11 support in there as well and then not need to support remoting anywhere else. (Which makes me wonder why the X11 compatibility stuff isn't already being done that way... or is it?)

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