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Getting both portability and innovation

Getting both portability and innovation

Posted Mar 3, 2011 0:57 UTC (Thu) by drag (subscriber, #31333)
In reply to: Getting both portability and innovation by nix
Parent article: Choosing between portability and innovation

Every single day I use remote desktop applications at work. So do most people at my organization.

The clincher is that none of it depends on X... at all.

Getting rid of X as your display server does not eliminate the possibility of using remote applications. Nor does it remove the possibility of using X11 apps either.

It's mostly a red herring when discussing Wayland vs Xfree Server.

Besides all that...

X11 is obsolete, slow, and a poor match with todays technology. It could be something nice, but that would require X12 and if you ever noticed: nobody is working on that.

In fact I think that people are now using more remote applications then they ever did in the past. It's just that relatively few people actually use X11 networking to do it. It's a poor choice for a variety of reasons. I am not describing what I would like it to be.. I just telling it the way it is. The remote access boat has sailed and it's captain is named 'Citrix'.

I would like to change this fact, but X11 networking is not going cut it.

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