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The CHOKe packet scheduler

The CHOKe packet scheduler

Posted Feb 27, 2011 6:10 UTC (Sun) by gmaxwell (guest, #30048)
In reply to: The CHOKe packet scheduler by marcH
Parent article: The CHOKe packet scheduler

It's absolutely _trivial_ to demonstrate that 1ms is not unconditionally enough.

Take a long pipe with a several ms of delay. Run a single TCP flow across it. Observe that your flow gets nowhere near line rate, but instead it sawtooths against line rate and leaves the link idle for a significant amount of time.

Yes, a single flow is a corner caseĀ— but not not an outrageous one. The behavior also holds true for a small number of flows, especially if they experience identical end to end delays.

So there is the excuse you were missing.

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