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CVE request: kernel: a collection of world-writable debugfs bugs

From:  Eugene Teo <>
Subject:  CVE request: kernel: a collection of world-writable debugfs bugs
Date:  Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:03:27 +0800
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  "Steven M. Christey" <>
Archive-link:  Article

There are 20 patches here - some are accepted, some are probably 
pending. All from Vasiliy Kulikov.

[PATCH 01/20] mach-omap2: mux: world-writable debugfs files arm arch

[PATCH 02/20] mach-omap2: pm: world-writable debugfs timer files arm arch

[PATCH 03/20] mach-omap2: smartreflex: world-writable debugfs voltage files arm arch

[PATCH 04/20] mach-ux500: mbox-db5500: world-writable sysfs fifo file arm arch

[PATCH 05/20] leds: lp5521: world-writable sysfs engine* files

[PATCH 06/20] leds: lp5523: world-writable engine* sysfs files

[PATCH 07/20] video: sn9c102: world-wirtable sysfs files

[PATCH 08/20] mfd: ab3100: world-writable debugfs *_priv files

[PATCH 09/20] mfd: ab3500: world-writable debugfs register-* files

[PATCH 10/20] mfd: ab8500: world-writable debugfs register-* files

[PATCH 11/20] misc: ep93xx_pwm: world-writable sysfs files

[PATCH 12/20] net: can: at91_can: world-writable sysfs files

[PATCH 13/20] net: can: janz-ican3: world-writable sysfs termination file

[PATCH 14/20] platform: x86: acer-wmi: world-writable sysfs threeg file

[PATCH 15/20] platform: x86: asus_acpi: world-writable procfs files

[PATCH 16/20] platform: x86: tc1100-wmi: world-writable sysfs wireless 
and jogdial files

[PATCH 17/20] rtc: rtc-ds1511: world-writable sysfs nvram file

[PATCH 18/20] scsi: aic94xx: world-writable sysfs update_bios file

[PATCH 19/20] scsi: iscsi: world-writable sysfs priv_sess file

[PATCH 20/20] fs: ubifs: world-writable debugfs dump_* files

Eugene Teo / Red Hat Security Response Team

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