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Easy, powerful, stable: Pick two with OpenShot 1.3

Easy, powerful, stable: Pick two with OpenShot 1.3

Posted Feb 21, 2011 22:46 UTC (Mon) by Tet (subscriber, #5433)
Parent article: Easy, powerful, stable: Pick two with OpenShot 1.3

While it has some work to do in terms of stability

Your experience has clearly been very different to mine. I haven't tried 1.3 yet, but one of the reasons I've been doing all of my video editing with earlier versions of OpenShot is that it's been rock solid stable, unlike pretty much all of the alternatives I've tried. Most of the work I do involves typically 30+ clips interspersed with still images and overlaid with captions, and I've yet to have it crash on me once (unlike pitivi, lives, kdenlive etc). The interface is easy to use, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as my first choice to anyone wanting a free software video editor.

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Posted Mar 1, 2011 8:47 UTC (Tue) by eru (subscriber, #2753) [Link]

Stability is the one reason I have stuck to Kino for my very modest editing needs. I have yet to get the video equivalent of "hello world" out of any of the others. The largest drawback in Kino is that it only edits files in the DV format (and supposedly HDV although I have not personally used that), anything else has to be first transcoded into DV (happens automatically but takes a lot of time and space).

Maybe the simplification of the implementation that this limitation allows is one reason for its stability?

Probably I will give this OpenShot a try, but if it eats my editing, it's back to Kino. Crashing is worse than lack of features.

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