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Removing ext2 and/or ext3

Removing ext2 and/or ext3

Posted Feb 14, 2011 17:51 UTC (Mon) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946)
In reply to: Removing ext2 and/or ext3 by dlang
Parent article: Removing ext2 and/or ext3

"yes, redhat did testing, but I'll bet that their testing was of the 'does it blow up' type of thing rather than performance testing"

I wouldn't bet on that. Red Hat has a fairly large filesystem team and performance team and run performance tests routinely, for public benchmarks (useful to convince customers) and otherwise. All the major Ext4 and XFS developers work for large vendors (Google, IBM, Red Hat etc) and I would have expected them to have access to enterprise hardware. XFS is known to scale better on big hardware atleast historically because of its legacy but the gap has reduced considerably in recent kernel versions.

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Removing ext2 and/or ext3

Posted Feb 14, 2011 17:53 UTC (Mon) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

the last discussion I saw on this topic was within the last two kernel versions, and it was a report of bad behavior on large systems like this and the Ext4 dev (I think it was Ted, but I'm not sure) stated at that time that the ext4 devs did not have access to large systems for their testing at that time.

so this is still pretty recent info.

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