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Increasing the TCP initial congestion window

Increasing the TCP initial congestion window

Posted Feb 10, 2011 17:15 UTC (Thu) by mtaht (guest, #11087)
In reply to: Increasing the TCP initial congestion window by tstover
Parent article: Increasing the TCP initial congestion window

At the risk of over-promoting myself, I got fed up with google's default search a few months back and (re)wrote a command line client, called gnugol, to make my life simpler and faster - and far less annoying again.

It works the command line and in emacs.

The latency improvement is remarkable. The S/N ratio is nice too.

Originally, it was a client/server protocol that ran over udp, I've been thinking of resurrecting the server piece, possibly using sctp, as I think latency can be further improved with a persistent connection for search.

Google's search IS so fast that in many cases the RTT for initial TCP setup dominates the entire session - I can get a 50ms response for a query located 2ms from google, and 200ms (at best) for one from Colorado.

I would certainly like more people to give the idea and tool a shot.

Gnugol also supports bing and a few other search engines - I thought what I wrote here about stackoverflow's interface, vs gnugol's to be pretty damning.

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