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Ubuntu and Qt, MeeGo and GTK+

Ubuntu and Qt, MeeGo and GTK+

Posted Feb 6, 2011 9:29 UTC (Sun) by salimma (subscriber, #34460)
In reply to: Ubuntu and Qt, MeeGo and GTK+ by ctreb
Parent article: Ubuntu and Qt, MeeGo and GTK+

I've yet to see a KDE-centric distribution not installing GTK+ by default, myself (after all, Firefox, GIMP etc. are still killer apps), but perhaps this more qualified claim is still true: the first Gnome-centric distribution that installs Qt by default.

Fedora certainly does not do this -- install from the GNOME live media and Qt is not pulled in until you install a Qt-specific app (e.g. Scribus, VLC)

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Ubuntu and Qt, MeeGo and GTK+

Posted Feb 6, 2011 12:34 UTC (Sun) by ctreb (subscriber, #4406) [Link]

It seems your qualification is spot on. I loaded the Gnome live-cd of the apparently "KDE-centric" Mandriva and ran the following commands:

[user@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa|grep -i -e 'qt' -e 'kde'

[user@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa|grep -i gtk|wc -l
[user@localhost ~]$ rpm -qa|grep -i -e gnome|wc -l

Not one KDE or QT app or library vs. 37 gtk and 71 gnome packages. A very one-way street.
I've never properly used another KDE distro so I don't know how far this goes in the others.

I do agree with Priscus though. There's too many wide ranging statements in the media talking about Linux distributions when they are just talking about (or looking at) Ubuntu or Debian and their derivatives.

Great marketing.

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