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Non-free drivers

Non-free drivers

Posted Jan 27, 2011 20:38 UTC (Thu) by Cyberax (✭ supporter ✭, #52523)
In reply to: Non-free drivers by trasz
Parent article: The real BKL end game

FreeBSD still has a giant lock, which they are slowly splitting into smaller locks right now. And it has already caused several ABI breaks.

I don't know much about Solaris, however I did quite a lot of development on WinNT. It's almost possible to run WinNT4 drivers on Windows Vista there. However, it comes at a great price. For example, filesystem stack in Windows is routinely orders of magnitude slower than in Linux.

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Non-free drivers

Posted Jan 28, 2011 9:48 UTC (Fri) by trasz (guest, #45786) [Link]

FreeBSD is roughly where Linux is in that regard - the Giant lock is gone from all but a few, not performance-critical, places. Last API or ABI-related change related to the Giant was removing support for non-MPSAFE (i.e. Giant-locked) network interfaces few years ago. Nothing that would cause problems with maintaining stable API and ABI in an expected way.

Non-free drivers

Posted Jan 28, 2011 13:01 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Except that 'you cannot rely on the Giant Lock in your out-of-tree network interface driver' *is* an interface change which drivers must adapt to. I'd rather signal that by an actual API change, forcing people to update their drivers or fail to compile, than silently change it and open users up to problems due to absent locking.

Non-free drivers

Posted Jan 28, 2011 13:19 UTC (Fri) by trasz (guest, #45786) [Link]

Again - nobody is talking about not changing API and ABI _ever_. It's ok to keep it stable for a defined period of time, say, across a major version. The change you're describing happened in 2003. Since then, there were other changes - but it didn't change the fact that network drivers compiled for FreeBSD 7.0 will work fine with FreeBSD 7.4 once it's released.

Btw - of course there was a migration period, during which kernel warned about drivers that didn't declare themselves as MPSAFE ("Giant-free").

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