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On the maintainability of Ruby

On the maintainability of Ruby

Posted Jan 21, 2011 4:25 UTC (Fri) by lambda (subscriber, #40735)
In reply to: On the maintainability of Ruby by rfunk
Parent article: On the maintainability of Ruby

I have never seen RVM instructions that include "gem install rvm". The instructions from the RVM site itself are:

To install and/or update the latest code from the github repository ( requires git ):
$ bash < <( curl )

I think that only people who are already familiar with Ruby and RubyGems will assume that the way to install RVM is with "gem install rvm", but when you think about it, that doesn't make much sense as RVM should manage your Ruby and Gem environments, not be installed within them.

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On the maintainability of Ruby

Posted Jan 21, 2011 15:31 UTC (Fri) by rfunk (subscriber, #4054) [Link]

Ah yes, everyone is eager to blindly pipe a remote script into bash.... :-/

Sorry, looks like either installation instructions have changed since I installed it, or I misremembered. I'm pretty sure the system-wide install instructions are new though.

On the maintainability of Ruby

Posted Jan 22, 2011 0:33 UTC (Sat) by lambda (subscriber, #40735) [Link]

Have you never downloaded a tarball, untarred it, and run ./configure; make; make install before? I don't really see the difference between this and that. And if you want, you can download the script, inspect it first, and then run it; there's no reason to follow the directions exactly. My point is that RVM doesn't depend on Ruby or RubyGems as it is just a collection of shell scripts to make it easier for you to manage several copies of Ruby and RubyGems.

On the maintainability of Ruby

Posted Jan 24, 2011 17:45 UTC (Mon) by docwhat (guest, #40373) [Link]

It changed a while ago. The gem just uses a slightly different way to do the same thing. RVM really lives outside of Ruby, so using a gem isn't really appropriate. In fact, it's confusing since it won't update your RVM installation in .rvm if the rvm gem updated.


On the maintainability of Ruby

Posted Jan 21, 2011 19:37 UTC (Fri) by sorpigal (subscriber, #36106) [Link]

Oh my... nothing makes my heart race like dumping a stream of bytes from a web site into an interpreter.

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