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Openwall Linux 3.0: Linux for the security-conscious

Openwall Linux 3.0: Linux for the security-conscious

Posted Jan 16, 2011 19:11 UTC (Sun) by solardiz (subscriber, #35993)
In reply to: Openwall Linux 3.0: Linux for the security-conscious by gvy
Parent article: Openwall Linux 3.0: Linux for the security-conscious

> well as control(8) framework.

Yeah, quite some stuff from Owl is also in ALT Linux's distributions, and vice versa (patches to third-party software, enhancements to "Owl things" that we got back from ALT Linux). It's a good example of Open Source working right.

> Weird thing that a 4k shell library hadn't found its way into "mainstream" ditros to date.

Frankly, I didn't think it would ever get into any other distribution - which is why I called it owl-control initially (with the "owl-" prefix, which you can also see on Owl-specific components such as owl-etc, owl-hier, owl-startup, and more). I actually under-estimated Open Source: owl-control (renamed) also got into ALT Linux's distributions, and it's been ported to FreeBSD by Matthias Schmidt (I'm afraid that very few people are aware of this, though...) Maybe we should make owl-control available separately from the Owl source tree as well (like we do for several other components from Owl, including "tcb"), which will make more people aware of it. Maybe "owl-control for export" should get its own name - suggestions are welcome.

Similarly, maybe we should start exporting our ports-from-OpenBSD for reuse on other Linux systems/distros (and maybe even non-Linux) - I'd start with mtree(8), which few non-BSD folks are aware of.

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Openwall Linux 3.0: Linux for the security-conscious; control(8)

Posted May 12, 2014 9:25 UTC (Mon) by gvy (guest, #11981) [Link]

For the record, here's ALT Linux control.git tree and here's the original Openwall implementation. I've also written ALT en-wiki page on this topic since.

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