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The trouble with firmware

The trouble with firmware

Posted Jan 13, 2011 11:56 UTC (Thu) by massimiliano (subscriber, #3048)
Parent article: The trouble with firmware

Bah... a driver that cannot work without without a "non free blob" is useless in a "free kernel".

So, either they entirely remove those drivers from the source, or they simply add a sentence to the log message that warns the user, like "The kernel tried to open this file, which does not exist on this system. And BTW, the file is non-free, so if you want a free system do not install it".

If they really think that users should be free to find the "non free blobs" and install them, why make their lives intentionally harder? Just warning them should be enough!

My 2c,


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The trouble with firmware

Posted Jan 13, 2011 23:21 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

then every system is useless for you.

every CPU that you use includes a 'non free blob' of firmware (otherwise known as microcode), in many modern chips, it's even updated, and uploaded into the CPU from the kernel.

not to mention your system BIOS (unless you are running coreboot), your hard drive, your optical drive, your keyboard. just to name a few.

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