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Suggestion: Jon to proofread?

Suggestion: Jon to proofread?

Posted Dec 27, 2010 19:10 UTC (Mon) by jd (guest, #26381)
In reply to: Suggestion: Jon to proofread? by ClarkMills
Parent article: Book review: Linux Kernel Development, third edition

A better idea would be for a kernel book to be written by more than one person. Robert Love doesn't scale any more than Linus does. The "best" strategy would be for people deeply involved to develop basic knowledge dumps/draft chapters in their area of specialty, with an overarching author (Robert Love, for example) to unify the style, formatting and content to produce a coherent story from the fragments.

Also, I'd suggest moving from the monolithic book concept to a framework where each chapter is on a rail of some kind and can be slid out and replaced. The book will then never be "out-of-date" and the upgrades can all be sold in such a manner that it makes the publisher just that little bit richer.

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Suggestion: Jon to proofread?

Posted Dec 29, 2010 14:25 UTC (Wed) by eliezert (subscriber, #35757) [Link]

Maybe subsystem maintainers can appoint people that would keep the description of one area of the code up-to-date.
I guess some sort of credit system would need to be put in place to motivate people to work on this.
Maybe we can have our own peer reviewed scientific Linux documentation Journal, so that people from the academia could do Linux documentation and have it count as a publication.

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