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Thank you LWN

Thank you LWN

Posted Dec 16, 2010 22:25 UTC (Thu) by k3ninho (subscriber, #50375)
In reply to: Thank you LWN by niner
Parent article: Behind the KOffice split

>They got rid of him to be able to develop without maintaining a proper test suite?

A colleague who was at Nokia told me of the horrors of their build system and regression testing process. But that was over 18 months ago and may have improved so that there is some unit testing / integration testing going on. I don't know the facts right now but trust Nokia to meet their duty of care to ensure that they provide high-quality software.

I was also told that Microsoft were being paid by Nokia to develop Office tools on QT for Meego, which causes me to question the 'Office compatibility' part of the story.

Take care.

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Thank you LWN

Posted Dec 17, 2010 8:40 UTC (Fri) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185) [Link]

At the moment at Nokia, software has to have a certain % of unittest coverage and no failures to be released. Btw, Microsoft is working on a Qt-based version of their Office for Symbian, not MeeGo. Office for MeeGo is going to be Calligra-based.

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