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pramfs: persistent and protected RAM filesystem

From:  Marco Stornelli <>
To:  Linux Kernel <>
Subject:  [PATCH 00/16 v5] pramfs: persistent and protected RAM filesystem
Date:  Thu, 16 Dec 2010 18:59:06 +0100
Message-ID:  <>
Cc:  Linux Embedded <>, Linux FS Devel <>, Tim Bird <>, Andrew Morton <>
Archive-link:  Article

Hi all,

fifth round for the patch series. I summarize here the changes to
improve the review:

- removed the changelog from documentation file
- added the function pram_check_flags in the file operations
- added a check when the user uses XIP and the blocksize is different
from page size
- added i_meta_mutex to avoid race conditions in the inode update
- changed the lock policy during mem{lock|unlock} operations
- replaced bitmap_set with bitmap_fill
- added mount options xip, acl, noacl, noprotect, user_xattr and
nouser_xattr as required by Paul Maundt
- inserted pr_fmt in pram.h
- inserted macros IF2DT and DT2IF
- removed file name description from each file
- used min_t instead of using own check in pram_add_link()

- in bitmap init used already present bitmap_set function
- fix a possible memory leak in an error path reported by yidong zhang

- fix a possible memory leak in an error path reported by yidong zhang
- fix a warning when using XIP about not used __pram_mmap symbol
- fix test module header description and replaced TEST_MODULE with
PRAMFS_TEST_MODULE in the Kconfig and Makefile according to the comments
done by Randy Dunlap
- fix a compilation warning in super.c reported by James Hogan
- fix a compilation error when XIP was enabled
- removed not used symbol PRAM_XATTR_INDEX_LUSTRE
- fix some comment style issue

- fix documentation errors reported by Randy Dunlap and Kieran Bingham
- reworked memory write protection functions with the suggestions of
Andi Kleen

- first draft

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