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Behind the KOffice split

Behind the KOffice split

Posted Dec 15, 2010 14:18 UTC (Wed) by marcH (subscriber, #57642)
In reply to: Behind the KOffice split by ingwa
Parent article: Behind the KOffice split

> The situations have almost nothing in common.

For now?

Since you seem to know the situation well, could you please remind us what are the respective licences of all these?

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Behind the KOffice split

Posted Dec 15, 2010 14:50 UTC (Wed) by ingwa (guest, #71149) [Link]

Well, it's difficult to tell the future, but I have seen no signs of any change in the approach.

Regarding licenses, the majority of Calligra is under LGPL with some small parts under GPL. All code contributions so far have been under LGPL.

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