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Hardlinks are hardly a source of complexity .. or is that 'difficulty'

Hardlinks are hardly a source of complexity .. or is that 'difficulty'

Posted Dec 14, 2010 19:06 UTC (Tue) by adriboca (guest, #71850)
In reply to: Hardlinks are hardly a source of complexity .. or is that 'difficulty' by neilbrown
Parent article: Ghosts of Unix past, part 4: High-maintenance designs

I agree with nellbrown that hardlinks are not the right solution for that problem. In fact, the options "-path-list" & "-graft-points" of mkisofs, should allow you to select any files that must be included in the disc image, renaming them as desired. This method, of creating a small text file and passing it to mkisofs is certainly much faster than hard linking all the tree.

If for some reason, those options do not work exactly like you need them, then mkisofs or whatever tool you use must be improved, not the file system. I have a lot of experience but I have never seen any application for which hard links are the best solution, but I have seen a lot of cases when they are an inconvenience.

I must make a correction to the article, the phrase "the idea of "hard links", known simply as links before symbolic links were invented" is not true. The first type of links that were invented were what are called now symbolic links, and they were introduced in the Multics file system.

UNIX made four simplifications of the Multics FS and the last two of them were stupid (i.e. they made negligible economies in time & space, but they created problems that are not solved even today in the successors of UNIX):
1 Short 14-character names instead of long names
2 A single set of file mode bits instead of ACLs
3 Hard links instead of symbolic links
4 Merged write & append rights

Later, BSD did the right thing by reintroducing in their improved file system the long names & the symbolic links, which were copied afterwards by the other UNIX derivatives.

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Hardlinks are hardly a source of complexity .. or is that 'difficulty'

Posted Dec 15, 2010 22:25 UTC (Wed) by neilbrown (subscriber, #359) [Link]

Hard links do clearly provide a simple solution for this problem, but as I have hinted, I don't think that value is worth the cost. However I don't really like the approach of depending on cleverness in mkisofs either as it is a solution that would need to be implemented in any tool that has this need.

reflinks (already mentioned) are certainly a possible solution. I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with reflinks, though I cannot really explain why, so it might irrational. I would generally prefer any deduplication happened transparently rather than with a new syscall, but whatever...

My faviourite technology for this need is overlayfs (or possibly union mounts, though I like overlayfs more). Clearly it would require non-privileged uses to create mountpoints but I think the pressure is building for that and it is going to become a reality some day soon. Other than that issue, it is a perfect solution!

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