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Sexual harassment is only a part of the picture

Sexual harassment is only a part of the picture

Posted Dec 8, 2010 12:32 UTC (Wed) by bunk (subscriber, #44933)
Parent article: The dark side of open source conferences

When talking about a "generic anti-harassment policy", I wonder how far it does or should go (and as a non-native speaker. I'm struggling with what exactly is covered with the word "harassment").

The discussion here seems to be only about harassing people due to their gender or sexual orientation.

In big parts of the open source community it seems to be accepted to make fun of non-attending people like Bill Gates or Richard Stallman.

I remember a conference where fun was made of Richard Stallman in the keynote, and even though I'm not affiliated with the FSF I did consider this inappropriate.

I'm definitely not comparing this with groping or raping, but I see this as something comparable to the "A presenter had a title slide followed by a slide of bikini-clad women holding laptops".

When a speaker makes fun of Richard Stallman, is that something that is covered as inapproriate by the generic anti-harassment policy?

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