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The dark side of open source conferences

The dark side of open source conferences

Posted Dec 2, 2010 21:34 UTC (Thu) by graydon (guest, #5009)
In reply to: The dark side of open source conferences by aleXXX
Parent article: The dark side of open source conferences

"Carpet and drapes" refers to someone's public hair and head hair. It's a crude way of lowering the tone of discourse and trivializing the disscussion.

Beyond that bit of terminology though -- which pops out if you google it -- understand two things.

First, you picked the most "harmless-looking" of the comments to quote while ignoring the others. This in itself is an attempt to trivialize the topic.

Second, even this selected comment engages in a diversionary tactic of attempting to broaden the conversation to the point of rendering the original concern inert. Any time someone mentions irrelevant hypothetical dimensions of discrimination (eg. pretending to care about nonexistent "purple and green" people, hair colour, number-of-toes or whatnot) they're just trying to kill a conversation they find uncomfortable.

Not cool, don't tolerate it.

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